Inserting Images

The Uploads Browser appears alongside the content editor and is used to insert images into pages.

The instructions outlined on this page assume that the image being inserted has already been uploaded into Conductor (though images can be uploaded using the "Add File(s)" button in the Uploads Browser).

Inserting Images Into a Page

  1. Place the cursor where you want to insert an image.
  2. Locate the image to be inserted using the Uploads Browser
  3. Select the "Insert" button associated with the image
  4. In the popover window:
    • "Alt/Title Text"

      • By default, the Image Description will be inserted. The Alt/Title Text can be edited for this instance of the image, if necessary.
    • "Align Image" drop-down:

      • Right (default): Image will stick to right edge of the page. Text immediately following the image in the content may wrap around the opposite side.
      • Left: Image will stick to left edge of the page. Text immediately following the image in the content may wrap around the opposite side.
    • "Link Image To" field:

      • Nothing (default): The image will not be a link.
      • Original: The image will link to the original, full-size version of the image.
      • URL: The image will link to a specified URL.
    • "Image Size"

      • Optimized (default): Images larger than 600px in width will be displayed at 600px in width. (Images smaller than 600px in width will display at their full size.)
      • Full Size: Image will be displayed at its full size.
      • Square: Conductor will identify a point of interest within the image and crop a 600px x 600px square around the point of interest.
      • Custom: Define a width or height. Conductor will generate a properly scaled image based on the dimension entered.
    • "Caption" field

      • Enter caption text.

  5. Select "Insert" button.

Removing Border From Images

By default, most Conductor websites are styled to include a thin border around images. Most sites include the option to remove the border.

In the editor:

  1. Click on the image
  2. Select "No Border" from the Styles dropdown menu
  3. Select "Update Page"

If you do not see the "No Border" style in the dropdown, or the border does not disappear after the page is updated, submit a help request to the Web Team via the "Request Help" link.

Updating Image Description (or Title)

Select the "Edit" button associated with an image in the Uploads Browser to update the image's description.

Resizing Images After Insertion

Generally, it is easiest to delete and reinsert an image that is displaying at an incorrect size:

  1. Delete the image from the page
  2. Insert the image again at the proper size

Adjusting the image size is also possible by viewing the HTML source code and manually adjusting the code associated with the image.

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