Adding a Page

There are multiple links in the interface from which Conductor administrators can choose to add pages.

Adding Pages from Pages Interface:

  • Add "Top Level Page" button (Available to some administrators.)
  • Add "Child Page" button

Adding Pages from Page Details:

  • Add "Sibling Page" link
  • Add "Child Page" link

All of the links listed above and all "Edit" links throughout the admin lead to an interface with the same structure and the same fields for information. Those fields are detailed on this page.

For detailed information about the editor and its tools, review the Editing Page.

Creating (or Editing) a Page


Enter the page name.


Determine the page layout.

Templates vary per website.


Used to edit and update site content. Learn more about the editor.


Check this box and save the page to Publish a page.

Published pages are...

  • Available on the internet.
  • Findable by search engines.
  • A Destination for links.

Uncheck this box and save the page to Unpublish a page.

Unpublished pages are...

  • Not available on the internet. They cannot be found or accessed.
  • Not findable by search engines. They will not show as search results.
  • Not viable destinations for links. Existing links to a published page will be broken if the destination page is unpublished.

Show in Navigation

Check this box to display this page in the website's navigation. Show in navigation only has an effect if the page is also published.

Meta Description

Each page on a site has a meta description. A good meta description may help increase the page's ranking in search results.

The meta description provides a concise summary of a webpage. It is used in search results, should this page be listed. Limit your meta descriptions to fewer than 30 words (or about 155 characters).



The permalink determines the URL of the page. It can be edited by typing text into the field, but this should be done with caution. Consider setting up a redirect should the permalink need changed.

Update (Save)

Save the page, committing any edits to the page.

Save as Draft

Save edits to the Draft for this page.

Save as Draft & Preview

Save edits to the Draft for this page and open a preview of the Draft in a new tab.


Leave the page without saving edits.