The FAQ feature provides a convenient interface for creating and managing frequently asked questions. To get started, select "Add FAQ Group" from the FAQ interface. You can then add and reorder questions to the group from the resulting screen.

A list of FAQ groups, each showing available options and number of questions.
Admin view of a list of FAQ groups and selected options.

FAQ Options

  • Show anchors: This option will show/hide the anchor links to each question that appears above the list of questions and answers
  • Show Top Links: This option will show/hide the "Back to Top" links after each answer

After a FAQ has been created, copy the Simple Tag and paste into a pages content. You can include multiple FAQ Groups on a single page, and intersperse them with other content. If you update questions in a FAQ group, you do not need to make any changes to the page where they're embedded. The page will display the updated questions and answers automatically.

View an example FAQ