Conductor's News feature is used to add, edit, manage, and import news items.

Once created, and published, a news item will be featured on the website’s News page, and, depending on the site, News may be featured in other areas as well.

The specific application of featured areas and news categories varies per website.

The News page in Conductor lists all news items created or imported by the administrators of a website in reverse chronological order according to the publish date: Items scheduled for future publishing are listed first, then published items, and, lastly, unpublished items.

Use any or all of the Search options to narrow the list of new items that is displayed. Search options include: Words in the Title, Status (Published, Unpublished, Scheduled), Author, and Category (if applicable).

Use the "Edit" or "Delete" buttons associated with each listed news item to perform those actions.

Import News

News items may be made available for use on other University websites via Import News. Check Settings to determine a website's content sharing status.


A complete archive of all published news items (sorted by year and month) is automatically maintained for each Conductor site that employs the News feature. Typically, the news archive page is available to users of the website via the site’s navigation and additional entry points.