Snippets are used to displayed multiple instances of the same information. For example, if the contact information in a website footer needs to be updated, that is done within Snippets–one change and every page footer is updated.

The Snippets page lists all existing Snippets and includes buttons to edit or delete each one.

The default set of Snippets is used to determine the footer information which appears on each page of a website:

  • Email
  • Address
  • Phone
  • Fax

Some websites employ additional Snippets–the purpose of those Snippets varies per site.

Add New Snippet

It may be useful to add Snippets to a site where information is repeated.

To add a Snippet:

  1. Select the "Add New Snippet" button
  2. Enter the a key for Snippet in the "key" field.
    • The key is the de facto name of the Snippet, but is also used when inserting the Snippet into the content. It is best to keep it simple and short. Using a single word in all lowercase is a good method (e.g., phone, email, fax).
  3. Enter the data associated with the Snippet in the "Data" field (e.g., 555.631.5555).
  4. Select "Save."

Using Snippets Within Content

To recall the data stored in a Snippet on a page, add text with the following syntax in the edit interface:

To reach us, call  {{ }}

To the user, this will read as:

To reach us, call 555.631.555

Note: Any change to the data stored in a Snippet is reflected all instances of that Snippet.