About Conductor

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Managing a website can be difficult and frustrating. It shouldn’t be. Conductor aims to make content management a simple task. The easier it is, the more likely people are to do it. So we try to make it easy to manage pages, work with images and files, and do powerful things without a lot of technical knowledge.

What is Conductor?

Conductor is a customizable and proprietary Web-based Content Management System (CMS) developed by Marcomm that enables non-technical users to quickly and easily create and manage custom websites. There is no software to purchase and install, and no server connections to oversee. And, because Conductor is tied into the University’s authentication system, users can log in with their NetIDs. Currently, Conductor hosts close to 500 websites, more than 14,000 pages, and over 27,000 images and other assets.

Standard and optional features of Conductor include:

Easy Editing

Conductor pages

Painlessly add, delete, or edit content in just seconds.


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Although Conductor was built for ease of use, if you have questions, help is just a click away, as are helpful tools and cheat sheets.

No server stuff

Conductor is entirely web-based: no FTP, connection keys, or any of that junk. You can upload images and files right through your web browser.


Sample Conductor news item

With the capability to schedule news releases and automatically import press releases from News & Information, Conductor makes it easy to keep visitors to your website up-to-date. There’s even a convenient method for visitors to subscribe to your news feeds. And, Conductor automatically archives your posts so they can be searched, sorted, and found again later. You can also use this feature as a blog.

News Comments

By allowing visitors to comment on a news piece or post, and providing you with the power to approve or manage comments prior to posting, Conductor makes it quick and easy for you and visitors to your website to interact.


Even though Conductor is easy, we understand if you’re a bit nervous about managing your site. Marcomm offers Conductor training with every new site. You can also opt for additional News/Blog Comments training on the Site Request form.


You’ve got big plans. Conductor enables you to create multiple calendars and users to subscribe via RSS feed. And, as with Events, your events are automatically archived so you can focus on successfully promoting future events, instead of worrying about what happened to information on those events that have come and gone.

Contact Form

When visitors provide their contact information, Conductor not only contacts you, but also automatically saves the message in a database that can then be exported as a convenient CSV/Excel file.

Writing for the Web

Writing your own Web copy? Learn the basics of writing for the web from both usability and SEO perspectives. Topics will include search engines/how to rank well, the F pattern, word count, and selecting keywords.

Welcome to Conductor, the proprietary Web editing program designed for use on University websites. By having Web clients use one program for editing, Marcomm is better able to provide training and support, whether users are new to Web editing or have used other programs. Conductor is designed to be a simple interface for all users.

With Conductor, you do not need to download or install any special programs. It is all available on the Web to anyone authorized to edit a particular site. You can work on your site from your office, home, or even a public computer!

Who Uses Conductor?

Since Conductor is a University-proprietary program, only University clients have Conductor. Any area on campus with a website designed by Marcomm will be using Conductor.

Who Supports Conductor?

Conductor is fully supported by Marcomm. Any questions regarding use of the program can be addressed to your account executive or trainer.

Browser Support

The Conductor Admin will work with any modern browser, but to make use of some of the advanced features, you will need to

  • Enable javascript
  • Enable cookies
  • Install Adobe Flash Player

Also, be sure you are using one of these browsers:

  • Google Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Safari 8+
  • Internet Explorer 11+