Pages lists all of the pages of a website in an expandable interface.


Top Level Page

Top Level pages are always visible in the Pages interface. They constitute major divisions of a site's content. All other pages are descendants of the Top Level pages.

Child (or Sub) Page

A child page is a page one level deeper in the structure than another page.

Grandchild Page

A grandchild page is a page two levels deeper in the structure than another page.

Parent Page

A parent page is a page with at least one child page.

Sibling Pages

Sibling pages are pages with a common parent.

Reordering Pages

  1. Locate the page that needs to move.
  2. Select and hold on the move icon (the small grid of 9 dots) associated with that page.
  3. Drag the page into a new position and release the hold.
  4. The page is moved.

The move is immediately reflected in the Page interface and on the actual website.  

Note: Child pages cannot be moved from one parent to another–pages can only be reordered among their siblings.

Buttons and Links


Select the "Details" button to view the Page Details for a page.


Select the "Preview" button to open a preview of a page in a new tab.


Select the "Edit" button to open the Editing Page for a page.

Edit Draft

This button is only present if there is a Draft saved for this page. Select the "Edit Draft" button to open the Editing Draft page.

Add Child Page

Select the "Add Child Page" button to create a new page as a child of the page.