Inserting Documents

The Uploads Browser appears alongside the content editor and is used to insert documents into pages.

The instructions outlined on this page assume that the document being inserted has already been uploaded into Conductor (though documents can be uploaded using the "Add File(s)" button in the Uploads Browser).

Inserting Documents Into a Page

Documents are inserted into a page as a link.

  1. Place the cursor where you want to insert a document.
  2. Locate the document to be inserted using the Uploads Browser.
  3. Select the "Insert" button associated with the document.
  4. Select "Insert."

Document Links

Document Description (or Title)

Select the "Edit" button associated with a document in the Uploads Browser to update a document's description (or title).

Link Text

By default, the description (or title) of the document in Conductor will become the link text. Consider adjusting the link text if it does not make a good link. Remember, a good link provides a user with information about what the link will provide.

Document Type and Size

Add a parenthetical note after a document link to indicate file type and file size.

For example: Conductor Tutorial: Textile Version (PDF, 943k)

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