Captions can be added to images to display a photo credit or provide other information about the image.

Note: Caption styling may not be in place for some websites. To incorporate proper caption styles into a site, contact the Web Team.

Adding Captions

Captions can be added to previously inserted images, or they can be added when an image is inserted.

Captioning Existing Images

On the Editing Page for a specific page:

  1. Select the "Source" button.
  2. Locate the image to be captioned in the HTML code.
    • Look for the following syntax: <figure class='image-right'><img src="/assets/100000/example.jpg"></figure>
  3. Locate the closing paragraph tag: "</figure>"
  4. Insert caption text immediately before the closing figure tag.
    • Code after adding a caption: <figure class='image-right'><img src="/assets/100000/example.jpg"><figcaption>Caption text belongs here.</figcaption></figure>

Adding Captions When Inserting Images

Learn more about inserting images.