Conductor's Events feature is used to add, edit, manage, and import event items.

Once created, and published, an event will be featured on the website’s Events page, and depending on the site, Events may be featured in other areas as well.

Generally, events are featured on a website in chronological order.

Some websites employ pages that display events by month or events by year, allowing users to browse past and future events within a particular timeframe.

The specific application of featured events and event categories varies per website.

The Events page in Conductor lists all events created or imported by the administrators of a website. The events are listed in reverse chronological order based on the scheduled date and time of the event.

Use any or all of the Search options to narrow the list of events displayed. Search options include: Words in the Title, Date range, and Calendar (if applicable).

Use the "Edit,” "Delete,” or "Request Import" buttons associated with each listed event to perform those actions.

Sharing Events

Events can be made available for use on other University websites. Review Settings to determine a website's content sharing status.