Note that events will appear on the Events page until the event has occurred. Older events are archived.


To start, you will want to decide what Calendars you want. For instance, you may want "Undergraduate Seminars" and "Public Events" as two of your calendars. To set up calendars:

  1. Select "Events" and then "Calendars" in the left menu.
  2. Create a new calendar.
  3. Save.

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Adding New Events

Once you've decided what calendar(s) you'll be using, you can add your event:

  1. Select "Events".
  2. Select "Add New Event" (below Events in the navigation).
  3. Add your "Title" (required) and "Location" (optional).
  4. Enter the "Date". If it's an "All day event", check the box, otherwise enter the time of your event.
  5. Select the "Event Type". Most events will be "Single". Refer to the "Multi Day/Repeating/ Events" section below if the event is not a Single.
  6. Enter your content as you would on a typical Page.
  7. Conductor will automatically generate an Excerpt (teaser text) from the first couple of lines of your new Event if you don't add it. If you want other text, select the Excerpt tab and type your text in the text box. We recommend users enter the Excerpt text manually to prevent formatting issues.
  8. Select Publish.
  9. Mark which Calendar(s), if any, you want to designate.
  10. Save.

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Multi Day and Repeating Events

Multi-day event toggleMulti Day Event

Conductor has three event types: Single, Multi Day, and Repeating. Single is the default type and requires no other configuration.

Multi Day

The Multi Day option allows you to repeat an event for a certain number of days. Once created, you will have the option to make "Exceptions" (e.g., deleting specific occurrences, altering dates and times). Read "Exceptions" below.


Event repeating form details
Repeating Event (click to view larger)

Repeating events are similar to Multi Day events, but allow you more control over how the event repeats. After selecting "Repeating", you must first decide if the event will repeat "Weekly" or "Monthly," both of which have their unique options.

Weekly options:

  1. "Repeat every ?? week(s)" allows you to have an event that repeats every week, or has a selected number of weeks between.
  2. Repeat on a specific day(s) of the week
  3. When the event ends. This can be after a certain number of occurrences or on a specific date.

Monthly options:

  1. Select the frequency of the repeat by number of months.
  2. "Repeat by" gives the option "Day of the Month" (1-31), or "Day of the Week" (2nd Monday, 3rd Thursday, etc.).
  3. Choose either a number of occurrences or a specific date to end on.

The "Summary" section at the bottom displays your selected options in plain English for your review. For example, "Monthly on the 1st Sunday".

Once you save your event, you will see a summary of all the data that makes up your event and its occurrences. This is where you can make "Exceptions" to your repeating events.


Once you create a Repeating or Multi Day event, you will see basic information about your event, including each occurrence.

By selecting "Edit" on a specific instance, you can modify the Location, Date, and Start/End times.

Any occurrence that has been altered will be tagged with the label "Exception" so you can spot them in the list.

A deleted occurrence is similarly tagged. And you always have the option to restore a deleted occurrence if necessary.

Event ExceptionsEvent Exceptions (click to view larger)

Importing Events

  1. Select "Events" in left navigation of admin.
  2. Select "Import Events" (subsection of Events in left navigation).
  3. Search for the event you want to import. You can search by site using the Source drop down, or you can search all the sites you checked in step 4 at once by leaving the Source dropdown on the empty cell.
  4. Select "Import" (right side of browser window).
  5. Edit as you see fit.
  6. Add to Calendars as needed (if you have different calendars setup).
  7. Save.

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Import Requests

Import requests can be used to ask another site to import an event from your site.

  1. Go to Events
  2. Click the "Request Import" link
  3. Select the desired sites in the "Submit Event to the following sites" section
  4. Click "Send Event"

The target sites will receive a notification on their Dashboard and Events section that you have requested an Event Import.

Note: You can only submit an Event to a site that has this site selected as a “Content Source Sites”. If you need to submit events to a site that is not available, contact the target site admin and ask them to add your site as a source.

Reviewing incoming requests

You can review Events submitted to your site for import under the Events > Import Requests section. Here you will see both Incoming and Outgoing Import Requests. To import an event, click the Review link. The resulting page will provide the basic information about the event. If you decide you want to import it, click the Accept button. This will take you to a standard Event Edit screen where you can modify, select calendars, etc. Once you save that screen, the event will appear on your site.

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Setting up Sharing

  1. Log in to the Conductor admin.
  2. Under Settings on the left hand side of the Dashboard, click "Configuration" (*Note: If you do not see Configuration as an option under Settings, contact
  3. Find the Share Content with other Conductor Sites" section which has a box you need to check, Share Content.
  4. Click the Save button at the bottom.

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