Video players can be incorporated into a Conductor website by embedding video from a host site into the editor for a page.

Unlike images and documents, which are uploaded into Conductor, video must be uploaded to another site and then embedded.

YouTube is a popular video host–it is familiar, free (for basic features), and tends to be easy to use. Vimeo is another comparable option.

Embedding a YouTube Video

On the Editing Page:

  1. Place you cursor where you would like to embed a video
  2. Select the Embed YouTube Video button in the editor's toolbar

Now, in the "Embed YouTube Video" popover window:

  1. Paste embed code acquired from the video host site into the "Paste Embed Code Here" field.


  1. Paste the YouTube URL of a video into the "Paste YouTube Video URL" field
  2. Determine the video's settings with the provided check-boxes.
  3. Select "OK."


Google Support: Embed Video & Playlists

YouTube Help: Getting Started

Video Captions

Closed captions for videos are an important accessibility consideration and should be included with all video. YouTube can automatically generate captions, but they will likely require additional attention.

Google Support: Video Captions