Access Conductor

Becoming a Conductor User

To log in to a Conductor website, one must first be added as a User by a current website administrator.

To gain access to a particular site, reach out to a web administrator for that website and request access.

Logging In

  1. Open a browser.
  2. Enter the URL for the site followed by /admin in the browser address bar.
    • For example, enter:
  3. Enter netID and netID password. (Non-netID users, enter email and password.)

Sites in development

While in development by the Web Team, a website will use a subdomain that includes ".conductor."

This a temporary URL which requires a login for any type of access, including viewing the website.

When a site "goes live" (or, becomes available to the general public), the ".conductor" will no longer be used.


While in development a URL might be When the site goes live, the URL would become

Logging in

The login steps are the same as previously described, just be sure to include the ".conductor" in the of the URL when accessing the site via Conductor: