The Conductor Dashboard includes a variety of entry points and information:


Welcome, User Name

Select the name of the user to access the user's Profile page and the Logout link.

Site Documentation

Some sites have information and site specifications stored in the Site Documentation page. This link is only displayed for websites with documentation.

User Guide

A link to conductor.nd.edu/user-guide

Request Help

Use this form to submit a question or issue related to Conductor.



Appears only when necessary to notify a user of pending event import requests.

Recently Updated Pages

Displays the seven most recently updated published pages on a site. It indicates who made the most recent edit and when they saved the page. Also, the page title is a link to the Page Details for that page.

The "View More" button opens a page that lists the most recent update made to each page of the site.

Conductor News

The Web Team uses the News section of conductor.nd.edu to post updates and information about Conductor. That news feeds into this box on every website's Conductor Dashboard.

Search Pages, News, and Events

Use this tool to search for specific text in pages, news stories, and event items associated with this site. The results provide a link to the page, the Page Details, and the edit interface for each result.

Page Not Found Errors

This tool will identify (and tally) the URL of any recent visits to your website that resulted in a 404 Page Not Found error for the visitor. Clicking the "Fix" button for a given URL will result in a page that offers a Conductor admin the ability to manually create a redirect around the URL, ignore the URL, or select a redirect from a list of suggestions.

The "View All" button opens a page that lists all the current "Page Not Found" errors tallied for the site.

Google Analytics

Basic analytics for the website are displayed. Contact the Web Team for direct access analytics via Google.

Site Settings

Links which persist on all pages of the Conductor admin. These links provide access to Snippets, Redirects, Password Protection, Roles, Users, and Settings.

Note: Settings may vary per User based on site features and the User's Role.