Page Details

Page Details provides an overview of an individual page. Content is not edited on this page, but it does offer information and page actions related the the page.

Helpful actions available on Page Details include PreviewDelete, and Revision History (for restoring previous versions of a page).

View Page Details by selecting the "Details" button for a particular page while on the Pages interface.

Note: Saving or creating a Page or Draft also resolves to this page.


Non-styled page content is displayed.

Note: Draft content is not displayed. Page Details only displays content that has been saved to the actual page, not content saved in a Draft.

Page Actions


Toggle the publish state of the page. For Published pages, the link will read "Unpublish." For unpublished pages the link with read "Publish."


Open a preview of the page in a new tab. The preview will show the page as it will look on the website when the page published. Preview works for published and unpublished pages.


Open the Editing Page.


Delete this page and all of its child pages.

Add Child Page

Create a new child page for this page and open the Editing Page for that new child page

Additional Information


  • Useful for identifying the Page URL of a published page.
  • Also displays several fields of data about the page's history. 

Revision History

  • Each revision, or save, of the page is listed in reverse chronological order.
  • Use the "Preview" link to view the content stored in a particular revision.
  • Use the "Restore" link to update the existing page content with the content stored in a particular revision.


  • Lists image and documents displayed on the page