The Settings page includes a site's meta description and some settings related to the sharing of News and Events content.

Meta Description

The meta description should be a compelling, relevant, and concise summary of the website's purpose and content. It is used by search engines to determine the relevance of a site to searches. This should be a written summary (not a list of keywords). Limit the meta description to a maximum of 30 words (or about 155 characters).

Share Content With Other Conductor Sites

Check the "Share Content" box to allow other Conductor websites to import News and Events items from the website.

Select Content Source Sites

Identify and select sites to appear as Sources on the Import News page. Add sites by selecting a site from the drop down or entering a site's URL manually. News item will be available for import from any site added to this list.

Check the "Subscribe to all shared content" box to select all available sites as Sources.

Note: Only sites that employ the News feature and have elected to share their content are available as Content Source Sites.

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