Importing News Items

  1. In the navigation, select “Import News” from the drop-down menu below “News.”

The items listed on the Import News page include all news items available for import. The list is assembled based the Content Source Sites identified in Settings.

  1. Locate the item to be imported.
  2. Select the “Import” button.

The item is immediately copied as a news item to the website and the Editing News page for that item is displayed.

Now, on that ”Editing News” page:

  1. Make any necessary adjustments to the news item.
    • For example: Check any relevant Categories. Categories are site-specific, so this information will not come over during an import.
  2. Save.

Featured Images

If a Feature Image was included in the news item being imported, that Featured Image will remain as the Featured Image in the newly imported news item.

Featured Images will be automatically formatted to fit the designated Feature Image dimensions for display on any site, so importing news items from a site with a different Featured Images size does not create a problem.

The Featured Image is also added as an image to the Uploads section of the site executing the import.

Learn more about Featured Images.

Email Notifications for Imported News Items

When a news item that has been imported is edited, each user who had imported that news item will be notified by email that a change was made. The email will include details about what was edited.