Adding Event

  1. In the navigation, select “Add New Event” from the dropdown menu below “Events.”


  1. On the Events page, select the “Add Event” button.

Now, on the "Add Event" page:

  1. Enter a Title.
  2. Enter a Location.
  3. Select a Location (if applicable)
  4. Enter a Date
  5. Toggle checkbox for “All Day Event,” if needed. (Hides fields Start Time and End Time.)
  6. Select Event Type
    • Single - An individual event, scheduled for a single date
    • Multiday - An event scheduled for two or more consecutive days
      • Enter the total number of days the event will span.
    • Repeating - An event scheduled for two or more nonconsecutive days
      • Enter the pattern for repetition–Weekly or Monthly– and then any related fields.
      • Enter the number of occurrences or an end date.
  7. Enter Content and Excerpt.
  8. Select all necessary Calendars, if applicable.
  9. Save.

Note: In contrast to news items, events cannot be saved in an unpublished state. When an event is saved, it is published immediately.

Duplicate an Event

To duplicate an event, navigate to your Events listing and select "Duplicate" from the list of actions on the event you want to duplicate. Please note, you can find past events in the "Past Events" section under "Events" in the primary navigation.

Occurrences and Exceptions

Multiday and Repeating Events are comprised of a series of Occurrences. Each date—or instance–of a Multiday or Repeating Event is an Occurrence.

The location, date, and timing of individual occurrences can be edited. Occurrences can also be deleted.

Use the “Restore” button to restore deleted occurrences and edited occurrence information.