Calendars subdivide events into groups. Those groups can be featured or hidden in select areas or on select pages of a site.

A user can add new Calendars (by selecting the “Add New Calendars” button on the “Calendars” page), but featuring events associated with those Calendars in specific areas of a site requires attention from the Web Team.

Public Calendars

Public Calendar names may appear as links in a number of places on a website. The details of how and where these links appear varies per site.

Any news item added to a public Calendar will appear in the default Events feed on the website, and as a part of any public Calendars with which it has been associated.

Private Calendars

Private Calendar names will not appear on the website, but private Calendars may be used to display particular News Items in particular areas of the website. The use of private Calendars varies per website.

Events only associated with private Calendars will not appear in the default Events feed.