Conductor v17.09.01

Updates from today's release:

  • [update] CKEditor 4.7.2
  • [change] Update Admin Redirect "test" to open in new tab 
  • [change] Redirect id-based News to slug
  • [bug] Fixed an issue where searching in the Featured Image modal window returned zero results
  • [bug] Recent News on a users Profile was trying to link to pages, which resulted in 404s
  • [bug] Fixed an issue where users could not create new 'category' pages

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Conductor v17.04.04

Updates from today's release:

  • [feature] Expand "Recently Updated Pages" to allow users to view all pages by last updated
  • [feature] Add Events Archive
  • [feature] Add featured Images to the News Atom/RSS feed
  • [update] Added "added_by" and "updated_by" to Custom Databases values for auditing purposes
  • [bug] Updating a pages password protections was undoing its published and in-navigation status
  • [bug] Inactive sites appear in a users site switcher list if they belong to one
  • [bug] Overflow on page listing trims drop down menu for pages low in the IA

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We're moving!

We've been pretty quiet with Conductor for a while, and that's because we've been working on something big: Conductor is moving to Amazon Web Services!


We're outgrowing our current physical infrastructure at Rackspace, fast enough that we need to make a change, but not fast enough that it makes sense to add an entirely new physical server. So, we made the decision to move to a virtualized environment. OIT is interested in using AWS over the next few years, and we're helping them out by being one of their test subjects.…

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Conductor v14.3.11

Conductor v14.3.11 will be released today. It contains some minor bugfixes.

I am still working to track down and resolve two separate issues: the random logout bug that appears in Chrome, and the incompatibilities with our CKEditor and Internet Explorer.

The bug where Firefox blocks image uploads on development-domains, such as, requires an infrastructure upgrade. We may be able to address this as early as next week.…

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Conductor v14.2.24-3

Another minor update to fix some JS errors I'm seeing in our error tracker.

  • [bug] Fix ongoing issue with placeholder js plugin

    I'm still seeing automated bug reports on this, but hopefully this will finally knock it out.

  • [feature] Replace broken multiple selection tool with a newer one

    This affects only the site configuration page

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