Multiday, Repeating Events Coming Soon

Author: Erik Runyon

Events haven't changed much since they were first added to Conductor in 2008. Today, we're happy to announce a complete overhaul of the Events module, which brings some frequently requested features and paves the way for even more updates.

The top of a new event form will look a lot like it has in the past. The only change here is some added browser support for making date and time selection a bit easier. However, things start getting more interesting once you get past the content field.

Event Types

Conductor will support three event types: Single (which works the same way events in Conductor have always worked); Multiday; and Repeating.


Select Multiday and then enter the the total number of days that the event will last (inclusive of the start date and the end date).


We are also including exceptions for cases where an event in a series requires a different time or location, or an individual instance of the event needs to be deleted.Repeating events include two variations: Weekly and Monthly. Weekly involves selecting how often, and on which days of the week the events will repeat. Monthly events repeat based on a day of the month or a day of the week. In either case, you can choose to end the series of events on a specific date, or after a certain number of occurrences.

Current Events

The content of events already saved to Conductor at the time of the update will be unaffected by this change. Once this update is live, the new interface with the new functionality will be applied to your current events, but the content, and the way in which your events display on your site, will be unaffected.

Stay Tuned

We plan to apply these updates by the end of May. Before we go live, we'll post more information about the update on this blog. We will also send out a newsletter and tweet our progress.

We hope you find these new Events features useful. We have more in store for Events this year.