October 2023 Newsletter

Author: Erik Runyon

Conductor Updates

Duplicate Events

A new "Duplicate" button is available on all upcoming and past events. This feature will create a new event using the values from the original event minus dates and times. Please note, you can find past events in the primary navigation under "Events".

External People

The People Module is the easiest way to manage directory listings in Conductor. However, since the feature was limited to people it could find in the ND Directory, it did not allow for non-ND records. Our latest release includes an experimental feature to allow for non-ND records to be added to the People section of your site. If you have a use-case for external peopleĀ  and would like to test the feature, contact Webhelp and we can activate it on your site.

Did you know?

Screenshot showing the DubBot dashboard for ConductorCMS. Widgets include Site Overview, Accessibility, Broken Links, Best Practices, and Spell Check

The ND Webteam uses the site governance tool DubBot to monitor the health of many of the university's top-level sites. DubBot scans websites for issues such as broken links, misspellings, accessibility issues, and more. Site owners get weekly reports on the health of their site with helpful information on how to address the issues.

If you would be interested in using DubBot on your site, contact Webhelp for pricing.

Recent Launches

Community Articles

How People Use Assistive Technology

Assistive technology ensures that individuals with disabilities can interact with websites and digital content effectively. The types of assistive technology needed to interact with a website can vary depending on the specific disability and the individual's needs.

How People Use Assistive Technology

Proof Accessibility Matters

Website accessibility "boils down to three things: the legal requirements, the commercial opportunity, and the moral imperative."

Proof Accessibility Matters