January 2023 Newsletter

Author: Erik Runyon

Conductor Updates

Support added for uploading HEIC images

HEIC is an image format used by iOS. In the past if you tried to upload an image from your phone to Conductor you may have received an error. Conductor will now accept HEIC files as an Asset upload and convert them to a jpg.

Past Events have moved

If you deal with a lot of events on your site, you may have found it difficult parsing upcoming and past events in the admin. To make this a bit easier, we have moved past events to their own page. Look for "Past Events" located under the "Events" nav item.

Button styles added to the editor

For users who commonly use button styles on links, we've made the process easier. When you have a link selected in the editor, click the "Styles" dropdown item in the menu. You will then have options for four different button styles. Typically you'll want to stick with "button" (default choice in the dropdown). Also available are "Small", "Large", and "CTA". These styles are available in all NDT3 sites. If these options are not working as expected on your site, contact WebHelp for assistance.

Did you know?

The ND Web Team is on Twitter (this is not a new development, we've been there for quite some time). Catch the latest updates and goings-on by following @NDWebteam!

Recent Launches

Community Articles

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The State of Mobile User Experience

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The original iPhone was released in June 2007. In late 2008, when we started the research for the first edition of our mobile report, most people still had primitive mobile devices with horrible user experience. At the time, anything that was half-way decent was a pleasant experience compared with the misery caused by most mobile devices and most mobile sites. Continue reading The State of Mobile User Experience…