July 2023 Newsletter

Author: Erik Runyon

Conductor Updates

Last month we transitioned to a new Rich Text Editor. Find out what changed.

Did you know?

Google has begun the shut-down of Universal Analytics (UA) properties. While you may see some data trickling in for the next few days, you can expect traffic to UA accounts to disappear shortly. You should now rely on your GA4 account. See Upcoming Changes to Google Analytics for more information.

Since Google has stated they may not retain UA data past the end of 2023, download any reports or data from your UA accounts that you would like to preserve before the end of the year.

Recent Launches

Community Articles

AI: First New UI Paradigm in 60 Years

AI is introducing the third user-interface paradigm in computing history, shifting to a new interaction mechanism where users tell the computer what they want, not how to do it — thus reversing the locus of control.

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3 Questions for Notre Dame’s Sonia Howell

A conversation with Notre Dame's director of the Office of Digital Learning.

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