Rich Text Editor Update

Author: Erik Runyon

We first introduced our current rich text editor (RTE) to Conductor in November 2009. Due to business and licensing changes from our RTE vendor, we are migrating to an alternative solution.

For most day-to-day content editing needs, there is very little difference between the two editors. Most of the toolbar icons are visually similar, but we have taken the opportunity during this transition to update the order of the buttons.

A graphic showing the current editor and the upcoming editor. The available buttons and icons are largely identical.

The Editing Pages and Content pages of the Conductor User Guide have been updated to assist you during this transition. If you run into an issue you can’t figure out, contact  us using “Request Help” in the Conductor admin.

Changes of note

Adding an email link

When adding an email address in content you will not see an “E-mail” option in the dialog. Instead, if you enter an email address as the URL, you will get a follow-up prompt asking if you want to make the link a “mailto” link. Select “Yes,” and the link will be created as an email link. See the guide for details on editing links.

Table headings

When adding a new table you will need to designate which row is the table heading. To do so, insert a new table and add the content. Then right-click on the first row and select “Row > Row Properties” from the dialog. For “Row type”, select “Header” then Save.

Embedding videos

Rather than a dedicated YouTube button, there is now a general “Insert/edit media” button. To add a YouTube embed, paste the YouTube URL into the Source input. See the guide for details on embedding videos.

Unavailable features

Some of the features available in the legacy editor will no longer be available in the new editor. These include “Spell check as you type” and the “Check Accessibility” button.