January 2024 Newsletter

Author: Erik Runyon

Conductor Updates

Share widget update

Share Menu showing icons for Facebook, LinkedIn, X, and email

The default share widget that appears on News and Events now includes LinkedIn.

Scheduled and Unpublished Events

Similar to News, you can now schedule Events to go live in the future. A new Event entry will default to Published with the current date and time.  You can choose at time of creation to unpublish the event, or change the publish date to a future date and time.

Did you know?

DubBot has launched a new Learning Center. The site includes resources to learn about accessibility in general, as well as instructional content for DubBot users.

Recent Launches

Community Articles

HighEdWeb 2024 Michigan (Thursday, May 23)

From programmers, marketers and social pros, to managers, designers and writers (and all team members in-between), together we'll explore and find solutions for the unique issues around digital at colleges and universities — because we know that the impact of digital extends far beyond divisional or department lines.

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ChatGPT is not ready to handle web accessibility remediation

Recently a friend shared with me a “Custom GPT” called “Accessibility Copilot”. This is one of many interesting applications of ChatGPT that are arriving to market at breakneck speed, but is unfortunately not something I would rely on for effective remediation of accessibility issues.

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