Conductor Weekend Maintenance

UPDATE: The maintenance has been moved to Sunday, December 16 at 1pm.

In a push to reduce recent Conductor slowness, on Saturday, December 15 Conductor will experience two periods of downtime for a scheduled hardware upgrade. At 1pm EST and 3pm EST Conductor will be taken off-line by our hosting provider to upgrade the server hardware. During this time period, websites will be unavailable to the public and site admins will not have the ability to make changes.…

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Conductor Server Outage

Conductor and all associated sites were unavailable today from approximately 10:10am to 11:22am. The server experienced a resources issue which caused the server to lock-up requiring a hard reboot. We will be working with our provider to find solutions to prevent this from happening again.

We apologize for any inconvenience this outage may have caused.…

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Conductor Outage Explained

This morning, at approximately 3:45am, Conductor's database server stopped responding. At approximately 6:45am, the database server was brought back up.

In the lead up to the outage, no information was lost. During the outage, any updates via the Conductor admin may not have been saved.

I have investigated the cause and have made some initial adjustments to ensure that this particular problem does not happen again.…

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Conductor Navigation Changes

This past month, we added the ability to better manage a site's navigation. Prior to the update, all News for a given site lived at and all Events lived at As of Conductor 2.0.0, this need not be the case.

You can now have your News module at any location. Maybe you want a page called "News and Events", and want the News as a subpage of the "News and Events." So your News module could be at…

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Results! Conductor Survey 2011

ND Food Services Gift card

The winner of our 2011 Conductor Survey drawing was Marissa Runkle from the College of Science. She received a $50 Notre Dame Food Services gift card. Thank you to everyone who participated in the survey.

The yearly survey is a good chance to listen to Conductor users about what’s working, what’s not, and where we should invest our CMS

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A Little Bit of Follow-Up

Custom databases

  • Arbitrary fields
  • Multiple tables
  • API access to underlying data
  • Rudimentary search
  • Simple relationships (i.e. the records in the assignments table belong to a record in the class table)
  • CSV import with the option to "start over", "add & update", and "add & ignore."

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Routine Maintenance

I'm busy working on a major feature for Conductor (custom data storage), but wanted to make sure to push a couple of updates this week.

  • Fixed a problem when determining Upload references. Prior to fix, only first upload in the content was referenced.  Now all uploads are referenced.
  • Updated listing page for Uploads to include a link to "Show" the upload.  Thank you Linnie Caye for the suggestion.

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Search Appliance Upgrades

The Hesburgh Library Web Department is undertaking maintenance updates to the campus search engine system— Through the week of Oct. 25, these updates may cause brief outages (no longer than 5-20 minutes) in the search system that may delay your ability to make a search. The staff is undertaking maintenance outside the normal business hours in order to minimize the impact these updates.…

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Conductor v1.6.2

This week's updates:

  • Asset Column Sort - You can now sort columns in the admin.
  • Conductor Events Module - Fixed Google Calendar subscriptions.
  • Football Season and Redirects - Fighting For keeping uptime.

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Conductor Move was a Success!

Conductor has successfully moved to its new servers!

On July 2, the migration went as smoothly as we could have asked for, completing ahead of schedule. After several weeks of testing and preparation, we are pleased to say that Conductor is serving pages in half the time it was before.

This is a major upgrade for Conductor, and we're excited about what it means.…

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