Editor Update: Paste Directly

Author: John Slott

Due to a recent update to CKEditor, the three paste buttons have been removed from the edit interface. The remaining tools have been rearranged.

No More Paste Tools

Previously, CKEditor offered three tools for pasting content into Conductor, but you can now paste content directly into Conductor using standard paste commands.

Editor: No Paste ToolsEditor: No Paste Tools

To paste your content and maintain the original formatting:

  • Mac: command + v (or right-click to reveal edit menu)
  • PC: control + v (or right-click to reveal edit menu)

To paste the content into Conductor as plain text:

  • Mac: command + shift + v
  • PC: control + shift +v

The remaining tools in the editor have been reorganized: The top row includes basic text formatting tools. The bottom row includes advanced formatting tools, including tables, video embed, source code toggle, and an accessibility checker.

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