Moving to SSL

Site security has become more and more important over the years. For the past couple of years, every new site in Conductor has been set up to use SSL (https) by default. To see if your site is using SSL, check the url to see if the site address either starts with "https", or if there's a lock next to the domain name.…

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Conductor v17.09.01

Updates from today's release:

  • [update] CKEditor 4.7.2
  • [change] Update Admin Redirect "test" to open in new tab 
  • [change] Redirect id-based News to slug
  • [bug] Fixed an issue where searching in the Featured Image modal window returned zero results
  • [bug] Recent News on a users Profile was trying to link to pages, which resulted in 404s
  • [bug] Fixed an issue where users could not create new 'category' pages

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