Fall 2009 Survey Results

In late October, we sent out a brief survey about Conductor. It was the first of what is to be semi-annual surveys (Spring and Fall) to help us gauge the satisfaction level of our users. I hoped to share these results sooner, but I wanted to post this to the new Conductor website. So here we go.

About the Survey…

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Conductor v1.5.6

To get back into the swing of things after our wonderful holiday vacation, we’ve pushed a few minor tweaks and adjustments into Conductor. Perhaps the most important of these is related to the new Conductor site. The Conductor site includes news, documentation, and a roadmap for where things are heading. The other changes that we have introduced will make maintaining Conductor easier and will help us respond quicker to your needs.…

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Conductor Gets Rich - v1.5.0

Though we thought about offering our help to the Nigerian king, we instead decided to focus our energy on adding a Rich Text Editor (RTE).  With the RTE, you are able to see a better representation of what your content looks like.  It isn't identical to what you will see when you are visiting your website, but it will show you the bold text, inline images, and the headers. 

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Conductor 1.4.3 - The IA Edition

Not to be confused with the great state of Iowa, the IA edition refers to Information Architecture

Conductor’s Fickle Mood of Late

For the past few days, Conductor has been experiencing a dramatic and marked slowdown. It has been particularly vexing, as no changes to the system had recently been made. With some sleuthing, we found that one of the Admin pages was causing the problem. As we saw it, there were two problems:…

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