Conductor v14.3.27

Author: Alec Hipshear

Conductor v14.3.27 is being released today. It contains a bug fix to date displays on event feeds.

  • [bug] Fix event times on atom feeds

    For anyone curious about what's been going on with Events on Conductor, the problem has been this: The new server has it's time zone configured for UTC - Coordinated Universal Time, once referred to as GMT - Greenwich Mean Time. The old server was configured as Eastern. Some of Conductor's code was not specific enough about what time zone it should expect dates to be in, which caused inconsistencies in storage and display. This was missed in the review before our migration, and has been a little tricky to fix.

    You should never see UTC times on a Conductor page (unless your theme is specifically configured to display them in that time zone). If you do see UTC where you expect EST, it's a bug, and we'd appreciate you letting us know about it. We appreciate your patience in this.
  • [feature] Google analytics on the admin dashboard loads in the background, which should make the initial log-in much faster