December 2022 Newsletter

Author: Erik Runyon

Conductor Updates

Media Mentions Alternate URL

An unfortunate fact about the web is that links break. It could be due to a page being deleted, or a simple redesign changing the structure and location of a page. This poses a problem when the primary intent of a feature is to link to an external pages and resources. Media Mentions has always had an "Alternate URL" feature that when populated will override the original external URL. What's new is when you create a new Media Mention, Conductor submits the external URL to the Internet Archive to create a snap-shot of the target page or article. If successful (the Internet Archive can't always successfully capture a page), the Internet Archive URL will then be saved in the Alternate URL field. If the target URL ever goes bad, you can check the "Use Alternate URL" checkbox, and your users will still be able to view the original page.

Editing Notifications

If you have multiple admins on your site, you may have run into an instance where someone accidentally overwrote your content updates due to editing the page at the same time. New in November, if two or more people are editing the same content (Pages, News, Events) a notification will appear above the content editor notifying all involved who is editing the content.

Featured Images "Hide in Content"

Insert image interface with a Hide In Content checkbox

Featured Images on News and Events have multiple benefits. They can provide the user additional context when viewing a listing of News or Events, and they also double as the preview image when shared on social media. By default the Featured Image is also displayed in the content of the article. However, there are times when you may not want the Featured Image to automatically appear in the content, especially if the first piece of content is a video embed. There is a new checkbox in the Featured Image section labeled "Hide in Content". When selected, the image will not be included in the content of the article, but will still be present for previews and on social media.

Did you know?

Every month we post web stats for the university homepage, ND Mobile, and the Conductor network. Check out last months stats.

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