People Module

The People module gives the user the ability to add people from the Notre Dame directory which can auto-populate many fields for a person including name, email, phone, and address. Once a Person has been added to a site, they can also be tagged on News, Media Mentions, or Events.

The web team can customize the People Module to create categories, groupings, or sorting and filtering mechanisms, depending on the complexity of the website.

The Conductor User Guide provides more detail about how to use the People module.


  1. Zach Allen

    Zachariah Allen

    Web Director, ND Creative

  2. Jonathan Arp

    Jonathan Arp

    Appl Devlpmnt Professional, ND Creative

  3. Headshot of Aaron Greene

    Aaron Greene

    Senior Web Designer, ND Creative

  4. Nevin Mcelwrath

    Carroll McElwrath

    Sr Visual Designer Specialist, Brand Content

  5. Daniel Miller

    Daniel Miller

    Web Support Developer/Designer, ND Creative

  6. Erik Runyon

    Erik Runyon

    Technical Program Director, ND Creative

  7. Stephanie Tatay-Myers

    Stephanie Tatay-Myers

    Web Associate Director, ND Creative

  8. Blessed Brother Andre Bessette

    Arnaud Zimmern

    Prospect Research Analyst, Advancement Services