Media Mentions Module


The Media Mentions Module is similar to the News Module; it creates a listing of recent news items. However, the user is directed to another website to read the article. This is most typical when Notre Dame professors, researchers, and staff are referenced by external media sources. This module automatically displays publication logos and allows for sharing between websites such as

When used in concert with the People Module, the Media Mentions Module can also highlight an associated person (professor, researcher, etc.) and link to their bio (see the last example in the listing on this page).

The Conductor User Guide provides more detail about how to use the media Mentions Module.

Screenshots of the media mentions module within the Conductor admin:


  1. Fencing Can Be Six-Figure Expensive, but It Wins in College Admissions

    Hanging from the ceiling are flags from Duke, Harvard, N.Y.U., Johns Hopkins, Notre Dame, Princeton and Columbia, representing the clique of colleges and universities with N.C.A.A. fencing teams.

    Originally published at

  2. Facebook to shut down face-recognition system, delete data

    The decision “is a good example of trying to make product decisions that are good for the user and the company,” said Kristen Martin, a professor of technology ethics at the University of Notre Dame.

  3. Facebook changes name to Meta: Mark Zuckerberg announces company rebrand as it moves to the metaverse

    Kirsten Martin, director of the University of Notre Dame's Tech Ethics Center, questioned whether Facebook should be trusted with the metaverse.

  4. Why it could be tough for the SEC to ban payment for order flow

    University of Notre Dame associate law school professor Patrick Corrigan told Yahoo Finance that at a minimum regulators have tools to limit payment for order flow.

  5. Behold, the Worm Blob and Its Computerized Twin

    For that paper, Yasemin Ozkan-Aydin, who is now a robotics engineer at the University of Notre Dame, led the experiments.

  6. Putting the YOU in Usability, Accessibility, and Design (#UAD)

    Every year, we’re excited to hear from our peers to see how they’ve brought change to the digital world. This year is no exception.


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    Erik Runyon

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