Results! Conductor Survey 2011

ND Food Services Gift card

The winner of our 2011 Conductor Survey drawing was Marissa Runkle from the College of Science. She received a $50 Notre Dame Food Services gift card. Thank you to everyone who participated in the survey.

The yearly survey is a good chance to listen to Conductor users about what’s working, what’s not, and where we should invest our CMS

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A Little Bit of Follow-Up

Custom databases

  • Arbitrary fields
  • Multiple tables
  • API access to underlying data
  • Rudimentary search
  • Simple relationships (i.e. the records in the assignments table belong to a record in the class table)
  • CSV import with the option to "start over", "add & update", and "add & ignore."

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Routine Maintenance

I'm busy working on a major feature for Conductor (custom data storage), but wanted to make sure to push a couple of updates this week.

  • Fixed a problem when determining Upload references. Prior to fix, only first upload in the content was referenced.  Now all uploads are referenced.
  • Updated listing page for Uploads to include a link to "Show" the upload.  Thank you Linnie Caye for the suggestion.

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