Conductor Changes - October 16, 2011

Author: Jeremy Friesen

User Notification

In listening to the various Conductor users, we heard that new users may not know the Conductor resources available to them.  To help with this, we've decided that each time a user is added to a site, Conductor will send them an email outlining some helpful information.

Changes to Username and Password for Viewing Sites That Are Not Live

You may now use your NetID and NetID password to view a Conductor site that is under development.  Traditionally, you were required to use "conductor" for the username and "preview" for the password.  But what we've found is that this created tremendous confusion.  Only NetIDs associated with that particular site will work.  You can still use "conductor" and "preview".

Keyword Searches in Conductor

The good people at Notre Dame Philosophical Review asked that their search function allow them to search only on Author, Reviewer, or Title.  With the help of the Google Search Appliance team at the Hesburgh Library, we have been able to deliver this functionality for the Notre Dame Philosophical Review search page.

If this is something that you wish added to your site, please contact us to discuss the particulars of your search needs.

Adjustment to Pasting Content Into the Rich Text Editor

We have configured the Rich Text Editor to remove some of the surprises of pasting content.  What we have done is removed any inline styles that may be pasted into the Rich Text Editor.  The reason we are removing them is that they can create unexpected output when those inline styles are mixed with your site's existing styles.