Behind-the-scenes Conductor upgrade

Author: Jeremy Friesen


Today's deploy is all about a behind the scenes update.  We have updated the underlying framework on which Conductor is built.

What does this mean for me?

On Sunday or Monday you should look through your site and make sure things are still working properly. We have done extensive testing and don't anticipate any issues, but there are about 250 sites and over 15,000 pages to check… so we appreciate your help.

What if something is broken?

We'll be monitoring things next week and fixing any issues we discover. Feel free to email us at, call 574-631-4243, or you can use the Request Help button in the Conductor admin area (top right).

Why this Update?

Conductor is built on the Ruby on Rails framework, an actively developed web application framework.  To provide the best options going forward, we want to keep up to date with the framework's developments.