Conductor v14.2.22

Author: Alec Hipshear

There's a decent sized deploy going out today. No downtime is expected, but there will be a few momentary (1 or 2 second) hiccups in availability.

  • [feature] Asset sidebar on custom database forms

    If you have a custom database associated with your website, you will want to review the following, which will explain recent changes to its functionality. These changes will affect the way you insert images in Rich Text Editor sites. Now, the Uploads Browser will be visible on the database screen, and you will easily be able to locate and insert your image(s) as follows:

    To insert an image in a text field (big white box), find the image you want in the Uploads Browser (right column of the admin page), and insert it like you would on a regular page.

    To insert an image in an image field,

    1. Insert your cursor in the Photo Upload field.
    2. Find the image you want from the Uploads Browser (right column of page).
    3. Click Insert. Any content currently in that field will be replaced by the image information.
  • [feature] Better HTTP Caching controls

    We're able to completely ditch flat-files for caching and rely on Varnish and Memcached, which should simplify cache expiration in the short term, and give us much finer grained controls in the long term.

  • [feature] feature flipping

    Feature flipping allows us to test out new features without disrupting normal users' workflow. We expect it to enable more frequent deploys and smoother rollouts of new features.

  • [feature] Link version to appropriate Conductor news post

    Check the footer of the admin. The build number will link to the most relevant Conductor news post.

  • [feature] Search extension for code editor

    If you're working on large themes, css, or js files, this should help out a lot.

  • [feature] Add option to allow for Universal version of Google Analytics

  • [feature] Add option to link directly to an individual Events ics file

  • [technical debt] Even better deploys

    Faster and safer, which should let us up the frequency of deployments.

  • [bug] Fixed an issue with hover state on the pages list

  • [bug] Highlighted rows should display correctly

  • [bug] Generating an api_key for user or sites can no longer overflow MySQL column

  • [bug] Prevent Firefox from allowing drag-and-drop of images which was resulting in massive page sizes

  • [bug] Various other bug fixes