Conductor v13.9.23

Author: Alec Hipshear

Conductor v13.9.23 will be deployed today, with added support for author-specific news listings and better image processing.

  • [feature] Author listing pages
    • Conductor can now show a list of news articles specific to a single author.
    • ATOM feeds can be added that will return a feed of articles by each specified author
    • Contact your local account manager today if this feature interests you!
  • [feature] Slightly more intelligent image processing.
    • The default image size will now be 300px wide, instead of 450px.
    • Images will now be compressed with 80% image compression, if the original's size exceeds 200kb.
    • "Original" is no longer an option when choosing an image size. Please use "Optimized" or "Full Size" instead
  • [feature] Better support for swapping domain names of two live sites
  • [feature] Move rights control to javascript and cookies
  • [feature] Add Ace (code editor) for syntax highlighting when editing Liquid templates via the browser
  • [feature] New spinning¬†icon when logging in
  • [feature] Only validate unique site names if status=development
  • [bug] Catch Errno::ECONNREFUSED error when google search appliance is unavailable
  • [bug] Ongoing work to safely encode strings
  • [bug] Default to standard 404 if template not found
  • [bug] Stop using ruby reserved keyword object_id as a db column name
  • [bug] Properly expire cache when changing a page from a different domain
  • [bug] Properly hide announcements
  • [technical debt] Upgrade rails to 3.2.14
  • [technical debt] Refactor to prep for upgrading Rails
  • [technical debt] Cleanup lots of unused code
  • [documentation] Improved documentation of internal processes