Conductor v13.8.8

Author: Alec Hipshear

Conductor v13.8.8 will be released tomorrow. It's a minor release.

Scheduled for 7:30am on Thursday, August 8, 2013, this release will cause minor downtime when deployed. We expect this downtime to be less than 5 minutes, but during that time the admin will be unavailable. Public sites should not be affected.

  • New icons across the entire admin that use FontAwesome (Thanks, Cristin!). Now, instead of downloading one image for each icon, your browser will only need to check one file for all icons, slightly improving network performance. Not all icons have been replaced yet, the rest should be replaced by the next deployment
  • Introduce Rails Asset Pipeline into the admin. This will concatenate most of the JavaScript and CSS files into a single file, improving network performance on the admin; at the same time, it gives us more options for future maintainability of our JavaScript sources
    • Some refactoring of JavaScript for maintainability (Thanks, Zach!)
  • Introduce cache digests to the admin, in preparation for a caching overhaul on the admin
  • Add active states to the admin navigation
  • Refactor the main dispatch utility to prepare for a rewrite of the URL matching code to improve public site performance
  • General code maintenance