Conductor v13.8.15

Author: Alec Hipshear

Conductor v13.8.15 will be deployed tomorrow. It's a minor release.

Scheduled for 7:30am on Thursday, August 15, 2013, this release will cause minor downtime when deployed. We expect this downtime to be less than 5 minutes, but during that time the admin will be unavailable. Public sites should not be affected.

  • Automatically compress images to 80% quality
    • 80% is generally considered indistinguishable from 100% when dealing with web-sized images (approx. 300px)
    • The original version of the image remains uncompressed
  • Added custom image size settings to the "insert image" tool, with sensible defaults
  • Update Conductor logo on login and main view to not look terrible on retina screens
  • Fixed an issue that prevented dates from saving in custom database records
  • Groundwork for planned upgrades to the background processing and caching systems
  • Added basic automatic error tracking for javascript in the admin
  • Pre-computed sizes of image assets
  • Removed some unused database and code paths