Conductor v13.7.19

Author: Alec Hipshear

Conductor v13.7.19 is released today. It's a minor release.

Changes made:

  • Theme updates: v2.1 of the ND Theme and v2 of the athletics theme are now available
  • Upgrade ruby patch version
  • Updated CSV importing for custom database models with the following features:
    • A csv file can describe & tag assets
    • CSVs can include \_upload data to match records to assets
    • Arrays can be included in an uploaded CSV
  • Updated an email to reflect our recent rate increase
  • Code cleanup & refactoring
  • Patched server software (Phusion Passenger)

Note: Conductor experienced brief (under 1m) downtime during this deploy; this was an unexpected side-effect of patching Phusion Passenger, our server software. A minor configuration change was required, and conductor was back online.

If you encounter any new bugs over the next few days and believe they may be a result of this deploy, please contact us with details of the bug and we'll fix it as soon as possible.