Conductor releases going forward, and v13.5.24

Author: Alec Hipshear

We are introducing a new release numbering format. Going forward, release names will follow the format "v<year>.<month>.<day>", based on the date that the deploy is performed. If multiple deploys are performed in a single day, a "-p<n>" will be appended to the release number: "p" for "patch," and "n" as the patch number for that day's release.

Multiple daily deploys are not currently expected to introduce new features; a patch deploy is only expected to be used if an urgent bug is found.

For example: Today's release is named "v13.5.24". If a bug is discovered after deploying, the patch to fix this would be labeled, "v13.5.24-p1".

v13.5.24 has two minor changes for Conductor:

  • Fixes a bug that caused older images not to automatically resize.
  • Redirect to if and only if does not exist, but does.