Single sign-on coming soon

Author: Erik Runyon

By now you are all aware of Central Authentication Service (CAS), the university's single sign-on service. This service allows you to sign in once (such as and not have to log into another service (such as InsideND). We're happy to announce that CAS is coming very soon to Conductor. When the feature arrives, you'll be greeted by a slightly updated login screen.

Conductor CAS Login Screen

Instead of entering your netid and password, simply click on the "Login with NetID" button, and you will log in with CAS instead. If you don't have a NetID, but are instead using a guest account, click on the link to the right of the button and you will be presented with the standard username and password login.

An added benefit of this feature is that if you are an admin on multiple Conductor sites, you will no longer have to log into each one. You will also see a new link in the top right toolbar labeled "Sites". Clicking this list will present a drop-down of all your sites so you can quickly and easily switch between them.

Conductor Action Bar

We're excited to offer this great new feature. We hope you find it helpful.