Coronavirus website banners

Author: Zach Allen

Coronavirus Banner Example

In an effort to unify University messaging surrounding COVID-19, VP of Public Affairs and Communications Paul Browne asked our team to add temporary banners to all Conductor-based websites. These banners direct the user to for information and updates, and alleviate the need to address this communication issue uniquely across over 600 websites.

If your unit has a website not based in Conductor, and you'd like to add the banner to your website, you can have your web admin paste the attached script into the head of your website. This is not a requirement, but made available for those interested.

Download a text file with the code.

This is an independent installation on your website. As a result:

  • Any updates to content distributed across the Conductor network won't display on this banner, unless it's updated manually.
  • When the pandemic is over, your banner will need to be taken down manually.

We hope this helps! Contact us at with questions.