Conductor v1.4.0 - The Back to School Edition

Author: Chas Grundy

Fall is here; The Notre Dame Band is on the prowl; And Conductor is continuing its self improvement.

In version 1.4.0, we have a handful of changes:

  • Removed page caching for sites in development.
  • Added a new right to allow a user to Manage Information Architecture
  • Set permalinks to convert & to – and remove any trailing -
  • Speed improvement for looking up redirects
  • Speed improvements for retrieving Google Analytics
  • When pages are re-ordered, the cache is now cleared
  • Add “search_terms” to meta search results so we can show the user the filter they selected
  • For Liquid Page drop, added
  • Added a convenience link on admin page view to so link to associated template
  • Added more database indexes to improve rendering times in admin
  • Do not allow “news” as a newly created page’s permalink
  • Fixed dashboard stats for sites that only have a single page