Conductor Updates - May 30, 2010

Author: Jeremy Friesen

So What … Has Changed?

Not as much as we'd hoped. However we have worked towards those identified features and continued to provide small updates.


Conductor presently integrates with the EDS Server for NetID and password authentication and for searching a Conductor site. In a perfect world, both of those services are always available and immediately responsive. But that is not the case. So now, if the EDS Server or is slow or down, Conductor steps in and notifies the user that an external service is unresponsive.

More Dynamic Possibilities

If you are a Notre Dame employee, I'm fairly certain that you have been to the Compensation Overview page and clicked around. You may not have noticed that with each click, the page is not reloading. We implemented a little javascript application to dynamically query that information from Conductor without the need for a complete page refresh.

Rich Text Editor

The Rich Text Editor that Conductor uses is CKEditor. Like Conductor, CKEditor is under active development. And with their 3.2 release they added a feature that has been a long-time coming: "Unobtrusive Paste from Word."

If you work in a Rich Text Editor, often times the workflow is to build that text in Word then paste that content into a field in your browser. The problem is that the underlying code that is copied from Word is really chatty and non-standard HTML; Thus the Rich Text Editor needs to account for this. With 3.2, the CKEditor can be configured to detect content that was copied from Word. Once detected, CKEditor can then quietly cleanup the overly chatty and non-standard HTML.