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Single sign-on coming soon

Author: Erik Runyon

By now you are all aware of Central Authentication Service (CAS), the university's single sign-on service. This service allows you to sign in once (such as and not have to log into another service (such as InsideND). We're happy to announce that CAS is coming very soon to Conductor. When the feature arrives, you'll be greeted by a slightly updated login screen.…

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Sizing Images with the New Rich Text Editor

Author: Erik Runyon

We've received a number of emails regarding a feature that was available in the previous version of our editor, but was removed in the new. After inserting an image, you can right-click the image and select "Image Properties". In the past, this allowed you to modify the width and height of an image that was already inserted. The reason this functionality was removed was because it was resulting in a number or mobile and accessibility issues.

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