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Check Your Video Captions

August 03, 2015 • by Kate RussellCategories: Maintenance

Alert! If you have videos on your site, READ THIS!

A coworker shared a video with me this morning. The video featured a lovely coed and was quite nice to listen to. However, in checking for accessibility, my coworker found out that the captions automatically generated by YouTube didn't come close to matching the coed's words. The captions did not reflect the thoughts expressed in the video and were confusing and of little value to anyone using them to understand the meaning of the video. Read More

Conductor Cheat Sheet

July 13, 2015 • by Kate RussellCategories: Support Blog

Conductor Cheat Sheet

We've just added a Conductor Cheat Sheet to our User Guide with what WE think are the things you might like to have at your fingertips. You can bookmark the page with its links, or you can download and print the cheat sheet. Read More

Canning the Spam

July 02, 2015 • by Kate RussellCategories: Support Blog

How do you keep spammers from harvesting ND email account addresses? Is it worth the effort to try to do so? I wondered the same thing, and here's my take on the issue. Read More

Find Out What's Changed with Your Imported News Items

June 04, 2015 • by Jonathan ArpCategories: Releases and Support Blog

Ever received an email notification that a news item you imported into your own site has been updated? Wish you could get some insight into what actually changed without having to spend the time comparing the two yourself?

Now with the latest release, Conductor does the work for you!

If you get one of those email notifications, you will be able to see exactly what has changed. Read More

You CAN have periods in Alt Text, after all!

June 02, 2015 • by Kate RussellCategories: Support Blog

Image with truncated alt text caused by insertion of periods in description
Image showing alt text that was truncated after the period.

For those of you who have been through my Conductor training, you may recall me telling the story of putting "Rev. John I. Jenkins ..." as the description (alt text) for an image on the President's website and how I was mortified to realize the alt text read "Rev"—and nothing else. Read More

Access to Google Analytics

June 01, 2015 • by Kate RussellCategories: Maintenance and Support Blog

You may have noticed that Google Analytics is no longer showing on the Dashboard within Conductor. This is because of changes that Google has recently made.

Because of these changes, the Web Team will need to reconfigure Conductor's interface with Google Analytics, which may take an extended period of time. Read More

How to Create an Online Style Guide or Cheatsheet

June 01, 2015 • by Kate RussellCategories: Support Blog

Whether you are working alone on your website or others will be editing it with you, it helps to keep track of style choices you make in order to keep the site looking professional and consistent.

I've just posted a new addition to the User Guide that shows you how to create an online style guide Read More

It's Spring! Why is Conductor Freezing?

April 16, 2015 • by Kate RussellCategories: Support Blog

Have you ever worked on a page just to create or update it and have Conductor freeze?

This doesn't happen often, but when it does, it's panic time as you see an ever-revolving indicator that your page is not saving, and the only option is to cancel your save and lose your work.

But that's not completely right! Read More

Problem Uploading Images and Documents? Here's Why

March 26, 2015 • by Kate RussellCategories: Support Blog

Perhaps you've noticed that your upload button in the Conductor admin isn't showing. Don't worry; nothing's wrong with your computer or Conductor.

The problem lies in the fact that the version of Flash on your computer is outdated. Flash is a program used by the editor behind Conductor, and they have just released a new update! Read More

10 Ways to Add Value to Your Site

March 23, 2015 • by Russell, KateCategories: Support Blog

Do you want to increase the time visitors spend on your site? Pageviews? Conversions? Do you want to make sure your visitors find what they want and take the actions you want them to take? Then

"Keep your visitors happy."

If you've taken Conductor training from me, it's likely that you've heard that mantra more than once. And here are 10 ways you can help visitors AND yourself, as well. It's a win-win situation! Read More