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  • Billing

    New Conductor sites are billed for a setup fee to cover the cost of creating the site, a one hour training session, and the final launch of the site. Add-ons, customization, or additional support needs will be billed at the appropriate Marcomm hourly rate. See the Marcomm billing policy for more information.


    Conductor is web-based software. Like all software, it has bugs and quirks. And because it’s web-based, it relies on your web browser to deliver the goods. Since different browsers behave differently, we have designated our list of supported browsers for the Conductor administration area. When bugs come up, we work hard to fix them quickly. However, we cannot make guarantees about uptime or availability.


    Every site includes one hour of Conductor training. You can bring as many people as you like to that training, but any subsequent training time will be billed at our standard billing rates.


    If we have to fix something, it goes through a quick filter: is it a problem with Conductor, or is it a problem with your site? If it’s a bug with Conductor, we’ll fix it for free. If the issue was caused by the customer, then support is tracked and billed out according to Marcomm web support policies.

    If you want customization or need other assistance, please contact our Web Support team at Standard support billing rates will apply.

    Templates and Code Access

    This service is subsidized by the University for the purposes of providing standard templates that adhere to the University’s brand standards. As a result, we cannot allow direct access to the HTML, CSS, templates, or other code for your website. If you need customization, please contact Marcomm directly to discuss your project.


Domain name request

Easily input your desired Web address. Note that administration reviews all URLs prior to their use. All subdomains are subject to standards and guidelines. Also please keep in mind that while your URL should be descriptive of either who you are or what you do, it should also be easy to remember and easy for users to key in. So, shorter is better.


Select a homepage layout

Easily determine the layout of your website's homepage by simply selecting from one of four basic design options. Other pages of your website could deviate from the homepage layout you select here.


Select additional features

Easily add dynamic content to your website by simply selecting one or all of the additional features listed here.